Managed backups, disaster recovery, and malware protection to ensure your business continuity no matter what

Cybersecurity: Prevention, Detection, and Response

At ITNETSYS, we recognize that stolen or lost data can do real damage to projects, customer relationships, and your reputation. In the years that ITNETSYS has been providing Managed IT Services, we’ve built a solid cybersecurity strategy based around the leading industry-standard practices and tools.

ITNETSYS employs a 3-tier cybersecurity approach: prevention, detection, and response. We begin by performing a threat assessment to identify your system’s weak points, then design and set up the appropriate tools and protocols to ensure your cyberdefense. After that, the detection process runs 24/7 to block and counter all levels of threat.

Get Protected from the Latest Threats

What to expect:
  • A thorough assessment to define your current cybersecurity needs
  • A customized solution that addresses every need
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring and management
  • Regular updates for anti-malware applications
  • Security and compliance best practice staff training

Backup & Recovery

We understand that your data is the lifeline of your daily operations. Having a disaster recovery and contingency plan in place is the best form of insurance we can recommend. Whether it’s backed up to the cloud or stored locally on in-house servers, ITNETSYS Backup & Recovery solutions make disaster recoverability a certainty, no matter what comes.


What to expect:
  • Risk analysis and contingency plan designs
  • Backups for servers before they are upgraded
  • Backups of systems and user data to local or cloud servers
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  • Rollback strategy
  • Guidance for cloud migrations

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring software is an essential tool for businesses and their system administrators, providing scheduled monitoring and proactive warnings about the performance and security of the network operating environment. The results are faster, more secure business processes with less downtime and maintenance.


What to expect: Real-time visibility on
  • CPU and RAM utilization
  • Hard disk space
  • System temperatures
  • Virtual machine alerts
  • User logins and suspicious activities

Asset Tracking

For many organizations, keeping track of devices and peripherals can become overwhelming. The challenges include knowing where pieces of equipment are, their age and condition, and who has possession of them. To streamline this process and gain maximum ROI from your technology, leverage our Asset Tracking solution. It provides a clear overview of the location and status of your IT assets and facilitates informed investment planning.


What to expect:
  • Inventory assessment
  • Cataloging of assets, from purchase to retirement
  • Documenting the specifications and attributes of each asset
  • Tracking for the location and owner of each item
  • Improved ability to roadmap purchases and upgrades
  • Decreased asset attrition

Maintenance & Support

Remote or onsite services for all your IT infrastructure and communication needs

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Advisory services for the latest technologies and our custom-built solutions – everything you need for roadmapping, budgeting, and planning

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