Cloud Services

Improve collaboration and enable remote working with on-demand access to apps, files, email, and telephone communication

The future of computing is here and it's in the cloud. Being able to access your data and applications, regardless of platform, device, or location, has productivity and security benefits that we can’t emphasize strongly enough. And cloud computing’s subscription model means you are freed from the expense and hassle of constantly needing to purchase, optimize, and replace software.


What to expect:
  • Freed-up space and resources from moving hardware off-site
  • Anywhere, anytime access to your network, on any device
  • Minimized risk of data loss due to automated backups and off-site storage
  • Improved employee collaboration and CRM
  • Expert advice and service from ITNETSYS every step of the way

ITNETSYS Cloud Productivity Suites from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure
  • Google Apps
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
What to expect:
  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing, to the hour or minute, to maximize each month’s ROI
  • Storage capacity options that scale with your company’s growth
  • Varying compute power options to match individual workload demands
  • Expert monitoring and service from ITNETSYS every step of the way

VoIP Business Phones - Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP provides telephone communication over your broadband internet connection, which brings several advantages over traditional phones: stable and lower monthly costs, improved audio quality, and greatly expanded functionality.

For example, VoIP enables collaboration tools like voice and video conferencing, shared screens and digital whiteboards, and call forwarding to mobile devices like laptops or cell phones in the field. What’s more, CRM capabilities are built in, including enhanced voicemail and customizable call handling.

What to expect:
  • Expanded business-productivity functionalities
  • Increased team collaboration and improved customer communication
  • Substantial savings over legacy telecommunication bills
  • Better sound quality compared to traditional telephones