Custom Built Solutions

We strongly believe that every one of our clients are unique and therefore require made-to-measure solutions for their IT needs.  Our customer support services are reliable, customizable and scalable to guarantee that we’re prepared for the future growth of your business.   We always provide enterprise-grade solutions to ensure that the highest standards are met for all of our clients regardless of the size of their business.  We provide a wide range of IT consulting & IT support services as well as custom design information technology solutions for your business.

What To Expect:

    • Consultation and assessment of current and future needs and requirements
    • Options and solution plan to be implemented
    • Risk analysis and contingency plan design
    • Solution built to your business specs

Advisory Services

At [IT]NETSYS we help your business’ success by ensuring that you get the most out of the technology strategies and solutions you have put in place.  [IT]NETSYS offers robust IT services to help you focus on your core business expertise.   Our business is professionally suited to establish a relationship as your technology advisor to become your single source for technology and IT solutions.  We listen, analyze, plan and deliver as well as stand behind our services 100%.

What To Expect:

    • Technology planning and budgeting
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Managed services
    • The Cloud


Remote Technical Support

The consultants at [IT]NETSYS are highly skilled experts and will provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.  We will give you the honest truth and as well in the rarest cases let you know if we don’t know something.  Our offsite/remote Technical Support is efficient, knowledgeable and available around the clock.  We understand that in today’s business world, the demands for businesses to operate around the clock are steadily growing.  Our dependable technical support staff is available any time you need them.

What To Expect:

    • Courteous and knowledgeable IT consultant
    • Helpdesk Ticketing System
    • Quick response rate
    • Telephone support
    • Remote access support

Onsite Technical Support

We understand that sometimes to get to the root of the issue we must be present.  So if that means rolling up our sleeves and being on site, we will be there.  Our courteous mobile consultants are trained to troubleshoot issues on the spot no matter what scale the situation might be.  You can always count on us when you need it.

What To Expect:

    • Courteous and knowledgeable IT Consultant
    • On-site diagnostic & support

Backup & Recovery

Your data is valuable and we understand that it is the lifeline to your daily operations.  Having a disaster recovery and contingency plan in place is the best form of insurance we can recommend.  Whether it’s backed up on the cloud or stored locally on in-house servers, [IT]NETSYS backup & recovery solutions make disaster recover a reality.

What To Expect:

    • Risk analysis and contingency plan design
    • Backup of servers before they are upgraded
    • Backup of systems and user data
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Rollback strategy


Hardware Support

Whether you need the “latest and greatest” or just something “tried, tested and true” for your business, [IT]NETSYS will help you design the most appropriate hardware infrastructure for your business needs.  We are also able to service your hardware in house and if it can’t be fixed by us, it will get sent out to the manufacturer for service.

What To Expect:

    • Hardware inventory analysis
    • Hardware upgrade or replacement
    • Hardware servicing
    • Hardware asset tracking

Networks & Servers

Networks provide connectivity for your information to flow securely and freely within your organization.  [IT]NETSYS can design/build your business the infrastructure it needs to deliver your data so your business has what it needs to operate efficiently.   Security, speed and reliability are all things we focus on when designing your custom network.

What To Expect:

    • Network design & implementation
    • Network security
    • Server design/build


Software Support

Purchasing, updating and upgrading software licenses can be a pain in the “you know what”.   At [IT]NETSYS we take pride in offering the best and easiest solutions for our clients so they can have one less thing to worry about.  Our software management system is designed inhouse and we believe it will be a perfect fit to your business needs.

What To Expect:

    • Software management
    • Licensing database


Having your corporate website up and available is essential in today’s business environment.  Websites are usually the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business and it is imperative that your website is available and can handle the traffic.  Email service is one of the primary methods for a business to handle communications with the rest of the world.  Having a secured and cloud based email system is essential and we can help build your business a custom solution suited to your needs.

What To Expect:

    • Secured hosting
    • VPN Available
    • Private Servers Available

Server Monitoring

Your private data is sensitive and valuable to your business and we are equipped to provide you with the best possible technology to insure that it is healthy and secure.  Our server monitoring software will provide your business with uptime stats and detailed server reports.

What To Expect:

    • Real-time stats
    • Customizable reports
    • Server monitoring tools

Asset Tracking

Having an business with 100+ desk/stations can get overwhelming when it comes to keeping track of who has what or even the age a piece of hardware might be.  Software licensing can also get tedious and messy if there are larger groups of employees with different needs and licenses.  Let [IT]NETSYS help relieve some of that pressure by keeping your licenses centralized and organized in a proper and secured database.

What To Expect:

    • Licensing database
    • Hardware management
    • Software management
    • Employee database – on boarding/off boarding

Internet Access

Internet connectivity is as important to a business as turning on the lights.  We provide fast and reliable Internet access so your business and employees can function efficiently.  Whether it’s advanced fibre-optics or high-speed Internet you need, we have you covered.

What To Expect:

    • High download and upload speeds
    • Tech Support


Microsoft 365

As a certified Microsoft Partner we offer all the bells and whistles one would expect from the Office 365 family of software.  From individual to corporate licensing we can provide you with the best options for equipping your office with the right tools to getting your documents into the digital realm.

What To Expect:

    • Office 365 licensing
    • Enterprise grade support

Google Apps

Google Apps is a reliable cloud-based productivity suite that helps your company connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

What To Expect:

    • Google Apps for businesses
    • Gmail for businesses
    • Docs & Sheets for businesses

Enterprise Grade Technology

Our expectations are as high as yours and we take great pride in providing you the best technology and customer support service for your business that you require.  We are always current on the top applications and business tools that help your business stay efficient and perform at maximum levels.

What To Expect:

    • Enterprise grade technology
    • Customizable user permissions

Cloud Services

The future of cloud computing is here and we’re on it.  Being able to backup and access your data regardless of platform or location is an asset that we can’t express enough.  From Amazon Web Services to Windows Azure, [IT]NETSYS has the right solution for your ultimate business needs.

What To Expect:

    • Data management
    • Web services
    • Mobile Apps


Website Development

With over a decade of knowledge and expertise in the website development realm, [IT]NETSYS can deliver you the best possible solution for your online business needs. We would love to design you a beautiful corporate website to get your company message out to the rest of the world efficiently.

What To Expect:

    • Clean & professional design
    • Form follows function design implementation
    • Full service website development

Graphic Design

We’re absolutely excited to announce that we now offer complete graphic design services. Whether you need a sharp new business card or maybe a creative flyer to hand out at a business conference [IT]NETSYS has you covered!

What To Expect:

    • Graphic design services
    • Creative direction
    • Designs that align with your corporate identity


If your business is just starting out, you’ll need to consider getting properly branded. Branding is much more than just slapping a logo design together for your business. Branding should be developed with the core belief of your companies mission in mind. Your company mark should also be recognizable and should bring everything about your business together.

What To Expect:

    • Corporate Mark
    • Consultation
    • Creative direction
    • Brand & policy building


The most important part of being on search engines is having a fully optimized website. Proper SEO will ensure that you stand out in a crowd and people are able to locate you through search engines like Google and Bing.

What To Expect:

    • Consultation
    • In-house SEO
    • By-The-Book SEO strategies
    • Google Analytics