We provide our clients access to leading-edge technology, but with the care and quality of service that only a small firm can provide.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is paramount

IT Networked Systems is a boutique IT consulting firm located in Toronto. Founded in 2000, we have a proven track record  of delivering quality IT services across multiple industries. Our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction is paramount, and we take great pride in providing the best-strategized solutions to hardware, software, network, and communication needs.

We prioritize learning while leveraging the deep understanding we have gained from our years of experience. This combination allows us to stay on top of the fast-paced changes within the IT sector. We ensure that we are always up to speed with the leading edges of technology, so that we can bring our clients the benefits as quickly as possible.

Our approach

ITNETSYS is uniquely situated in the SMB space, with the knowledge and skills to implement enterprise-grade, bespoke solutions. The process starts with a thorough needs analysis, where your pain points are identified and translated into unique IT solutions, tailored specifically to each demand. We are not a sales organization, and do not implement cookie-cutter solutions.

Trust is our currency: We pride ourselves on operating with reliability, accountability, and integrity. In short, ITNETSYS cares, and we demonstrate this by staying on top of developments in the ever-changing IT sector.

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Founder Alex Nassar and ITNETSYS

IT Networked Systems founder Alex Nassar began studying computers around the time Apple and Microsoft were in their first years of business. With countless IT qualifications earned since then, a B. Comm from the University of Toronto, and an unbroken history of successfully completed projects, Alex and his team help bridge the gap between technological expertise and business acumen.

Alex founded ITNETSYS with the goal of bringing the benefits of enterprise-grade technology solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. For two decades now, Alex has continued to build ITNETSYS on honesty and accountability.