[IT]NETSYS (IT Networked Systems) is a boutique IT consulting firm located in Toronto. We have a proven track record  of delivering quality Information Technology Services.   Born amidst the infamous dot-com bubble burst of 2000, [IT]NETSYS has continued to provide clients with a peace of mind ever since.   Our trusted  approach to IT consulting is what keeps us at the peak of our game, backed by an insatiable passion for  staying on top of this ever-changing field.  Our devotion to our clients is paramount and we take pride in providing them with the best-strategized solutions. We also provide solid Enterprise-Grade IT support and services one would expect from a tech savvy IT team.

While our exceptional knowledge and abilities rival only the best of our competition, there is one area where we stand-alone. Simply put, we care – we care a lot and we’re honest.  From the most obscure to diversified technical needs, our (carefully) hand-picked expert IT consulting team is focused and there to help you every step of the process. No question or issue too small, nor difficult.  Breathe deeply knowing [IT]NETSYS is caring, round-the-clock, for (one of) the most important aspects of your business.

But enough of the same old technical jargon, in summary: “We strive to make things as easy and peaceful for our clients as we can.

ITNETSYS - IT Consulting & Business Services



Alex Nassar
Alex founded [IT]NETSYS in 2000 with a goal to bring enterprise-grade technology solutions and services to the small and medium-sized businesses.  Seeing a void in the business sector for quality IT service providers and IT consulting he started to take on his first clients.

Alex took his first computer course when Apple and Microsoft were in their first year of business. With countless courses since then and a B. Comm from the University of Toronto, Alex helped bridge the gap between technology and business.  For over a decade now Alex has built [IT]NETSYS on honesty and accountability – and it really shows.